09 March 2015

Duxford Spring Quilt Show

Using up holiday as the holiday year at work finishes at the end of March, David and I booked a Travelodge room near Cambridge and a chance to visit Duxford, the Imperial War Museum's aircraft collection at which there happens to be the Spring Quilt Fair.  I'd also offered to look after the trade stall for Nancy, who runs Lina Patchworks selling papers for English Paper Patchwork, while she did a workshop.

Of course I had to buy some fabric there, here is my haul
In the pic above, the blue bag contains a kit with special foot and ruler for free machine quilting.  I hope I can have a go at that during one evening this week.

While David did manage to get to see most of the museums exhibits, I still didn't get the chance to go around at all.  I think another visit may be called for without the distraction of a quilt show.

While on the way to Cambridge we stopped at a supermaket and I bought this magazine
I already have some binding clips which I use quite a bit so this little lot while come in handy.

Just a few of the quilts that I took photos of. I'm sorry I can't credit the makers here. I will have to look at the program and edit this post later.

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