24 March 2015

International Quilting Day

I'm The third Saturday of March each year is International Quilting Day and this Saturday was spent at Tarrant Valley Quilters in the village hall in the middle of the Dorset countryside.  A lively bunch of ladies who are really well organised and bought lots of fun to the day.

There were 3 mini workshops

I did all but make a chicken (I bought that on the sales table) and the pink bag - more about that later. I made 2 Faux Cathedral Window blocks, a felt flower brooch, later a lavender bag from a vintage hankie and a bookmark, phew!  I bought some hand sewing with me but it didn't get much of a look in.

There was a lovely lunch, a show and tell and some handy sewing tips too. All too soon the day was over, but it was a lovely day. We were even given a "party bag" to take home.

That's the pink bag.  Along with that was this poem here explaining the bits and pieces in the bag.

So that was a brilliant International Quilting Day over for another year.  Thanks to Tarrant Valley Quilters.

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