22 March 2015

The Big 5-0-0!

This is the 500th post on my blog ("only 500?" I hear you say?).  I am slow and steady and it has taken me over 8 years to get there so I'm not a really prolific blogger, unlike Bonny Hunter's Quiltville blog which posts everyday, sometime more that once a day! But I do have a job, which while it does earn me money to sew, does have a habit of eating into valuable sewing time, which is why I'm not so prolific in making and blogging.  That's life.

Okay, I won't do a giveaway (shame!) but will do one in the not too distant future, and will use this post to reflect over the past 499 posts.  When I started in January 2007 it was about quilting and embroidery, I was taking part in fabric postcard swaps through one, then two Yahoo email groups.  I was using Flickr to upload photos from my camera to keep track of the challenges and swaps and blogging was a learning curve for me then.   Here's a link to my first post here.  Have a look at my postcard swaps I've recorded on Flickr here.  Over the years some family pics and events have crept in and I also enjoy sharing photos of where David and I have been away on short breaks or holiday, but the mainstay of the blog remains quilting.

When I started blog there was a "blogring" group of quilting blogs, but then I found Quilting Bloggers a few years ago and have found that useful to visit other quilt bloggers for them to visit me. I am now on Bloglovin' (what's a matter with me I still can't put the link on my blog!) and have lately started using Instagram (@suewilduk) for quick upload of photos (more often that not, I use my i-phone than the camera).  You can also see from my sidebar I also have a Facebook page too, and joined a UK quilt group on that.  I've also pinned some ideas on Pinterest too The world has become more "social" and find I am changing to go along with that. I've got curious, finding out about what all these sites are about and got sucked in.

I've made a several online friends as well a real friends with the aid of the blog and enjoy the community when I hope will continue to enjoy in the future.  

Since starting the blog  I no longer make postcards, though one or two postcard sized pieces will no doubt make an appearance. I make a lot of small things that I can easily make in my valuable sewing time and maybe I might catch up with some UFO quilts that continue to haunt me until I get some batting and backings on them! I enjoy the pleasure of sewing and continue to share that with you just as I enjoy seeing other peoples sewing too.

Anyway I hope you've enjoyed my little reflection and if this is all to much, here's a photo of a wall hanging quilt that brightens my sewing room and makes me smile as its so cheerful......
........Ahhhh, that's much better.

Pop by and say hello.


  1. Was one of the groups BQL? Was that where we "met"?

  2. Congrats on the 500 by the way! X


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