20 April 2016

Follow Up From IQD

Would you believe that the International Quilting Day was over a month ago?  I haven't done a follow up post on the quilt that was made on that day.  I just had some finishing off on the binding but that is all done now and here it is

Doesn't it look good? 20 blocks in all (although 25 were made) 10.5" square.  On the day once the blocks were arranged a few of the ladies joined the rows with sashing on the front and back and the next day I joined the rows together.

The back, in the picture below, is of some camouflage fabric, which looks great, but because it had mixed fibres, tended to fray and didn't behave that well and had to be ironed into submission.  Although we paid more attention to the front than the back and the pattern goes this way and that it really didn't matter.

Here are a couple more photos

This last one is what I've made from one of the spare blocks.  Project Hope also have a sales table at Cherry Tree (plant) Nursery in Bournemouth when the nursery have plant sales.  So I made this block into a zipped pouch.  I bought several long zips at Fabric Land so will make more of these.

 There is another quilt under construction from the day and I will show what happened with that one another time.

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  1. I've done a few string quilts (and one in the go now) but haven't used sashing - it's a great effect


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