16 April 2016

Splendid Sampler 5

Catching up on some recent blocks for the Splendid Sampler project, by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.  I've enjoyed most of the blocks so far but I've got a foundation pieced block yet to do and one with lots of pieces in progress.

Block 13 - Scrap Star, designed by Corey Yoder, which seemed simple but took a little time to get the corners right.  I'm beginning to run out of the original red and white fabrics now as the small dotted fabric is now finished,

Next is Block 14 - Flying High, designed by Janet Clare. Janet is a British designer who does a lot of applique patterns and these gulls remind me of those around Poole that I can see from the office window where I work, being not far from the coast.  There's been a lot of cloudy weather so the fabric reflects that. It was ironed by when I took the photo looks all creased.

Block 16 - Pieces of Friendship by Lindsey Mayland. I'm introducing some of the new fabrics from my trip to Cornwall in the red and white triangles. 

The latest block, Lena's Gift, block no. 18, by Pat Sloan.  A traditional basket block, the red polka dot fabric goes really well with the ditsy background fabric. The blue fabric was fussy cut to get the large flower in and adds a bit of dimension to this block.

You will notice that blocks 15 and 17 are missing from the photos. It's number 15 that's foundation pieced and the pattern has been printed out just have to find the time to tackle this so there isn't too much "un-sewing" to do.

block no. 17 has a lot of pieces -57 in a 6.5" block! It is in progress though
I've found it useful to have a piece of wadding as an impromptu design board to arrange the pieces on and keep track of what I'm sewing where.

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  1. Great blocks, not sure I could tackle #17 though!!!


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