03 April 2016

Time in Cornwall

Before Easter David and I spent a couple of days in Cornwall. I've been a bit tardy about blogging about this but catching up now. We had a ticket to use for the Eden Project, where we went a the beginning of this year. We enjoy going there and from Poole just takes 3.5 hours, not too long for us.

One of the walkways towards to biomes.  After lunch we decided not to visit the tropical biome but to go into the Mediterranean one, where there was a lovely display of tulips.

Sorry, wonky photo!
That's more like it!
Just lovely aren't they.
A lovely display (one of many) views of the daffodils outside. They've probably all passed over by now, but lovely to see the display.

After our brief visit we went on to Charlestown near St Austell. There used to be more tall boats here but not many now. Still a nice place to go, though .

The next day, The day before Good Friday we went to Looe by train.  It was a wet day and it remained wet.  The train journey from where we stayed in Liskeard, is interesting as the train has its own line from a small station down the road from the mainline station.
The single carriage train goes along one line befor stopping a few minutes into the journey for the guard to get out and change the points for the train to go on another line to continue its journey.

A bit of a miserable day but as you can see from my Instagram feed we managed item 7. We also did item 3 and had a Cornish Pasty for lunch but nothing much else! We did however visit the museum and I saw these rather intriguing metal stencils used to mark barrels of pilchards, which used to fished there.

If it wasn't a miserable day we would have seen these.

More views of Looe at low tide.

Going back home on Good Friday

We visited Cowslip Workshops in Launceston, where there was an exhibition (more details on their website) as there was a request not to put photos on social media, but it was really good.  The shop is also fabulous and I spent quite a bit to add to my stash. 
More for the Splended Sampler.  Small prints mainly in creams, reds and blues.

After that we head for Cotehele an NT property near Saltash. With a house, a quay down by he River Tamar and a further walk to the mill, so a really big estate where you can walk your feet off!

In the house was a whole cloth quilt which I could not resist taking a photo of without flash.

And another silk patchwork quilt, made with silk patches, which has to be covered with a tulle net as the silk has worn away. You can see that some patches were still intact and the unusual shapes of the patchwork.

And another photo

And this unusual sculpture outside in the orchard with a topiary apple
Since coming back I keep seeing a post on Facebook with a t-shirt with 

I think we'll be going back again soon.

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