10 April 2016

Some New Stuff

At work recently I've been working full time again, as the last week was the beginning of the new Tax Year so quite a busy time.  The company I work for has been merged with another so as well as dealing with the extra work there's been new things to learn too, so a stressful time too. 

Some time ago I booked a workshop at Paulines Patchworks in Dorchester tutored by Jan Hassard, called Dazzling Diamonds. I've admired her work for a while so I was keen to take this class.  As it turns out it was a relief to do some sewing.  There was some homework to be done in advance joining strips of colours 36 colours in all, 6 colours in sets of 3.  Unfortunately some of the fabrics chosen were from fat quarters so I cut them fat quarter width, even fabrics that were width of fabric and I had to join strips up before adding the additional black strips to the which took a bit of time.

We were encouraged to use a camera to help remember our colour choices before joining up the strip sets.
Sorry, a fuzzy picture here but starting to arrange the cross cut strips on a board.

It was also interesting to see different fabric choices too, these are some of the other ladies and a clearer pic of mine, one the left in the right hand photo
Fired on by what I made yesterday and as David was out all day today (doing our best to avoid each other this weekend, it would seem!) I carried on with sewing the quilt top

This was where I got to earlier when I joined strips into pairs.
And later this afternoon. This top is 36" wide X 43" approximately. It'll be trimmed and add border strips on top and bottom.

I really enjoyed making this top and love the effect of the colours highlighted with the black strips.

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  1. I did a class with her, she's great, and your top is stunning!!!!


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