02 May 2011

Losing it

I might have felt I've been losing it lately, but today I'm talking weight instead of brain cells!  I have been dieting since February and after 10 weeks have got to my 1st stone (14lbs) and exceeded that by another 1.5lbs.  Last Tuesday I lost another 0.5lb so losing it slowly and steadily.  Having had another holiday weekend I've not been keeping track as well as I should but back to the straight and narrow tomorrow.

So here's the proof - I've been certificated....

After sorting out summer clothes to wear I'm starting to wear (UK) size 14 and here I am trying on a blouse...

That's not all I've done.  I've got my collection of postcards that I've received in swaps from 2005, when I started all this, from the 3 boxes of cards that I have. I've not counted them all yet, maybe I should. Anyway I've gathered up, taken photos which I've put on my flickr page.  From albums stored on the computer's hard drive I'm going to gather up the collections that I've made and will get them on my flickr page too.  So as it's still a bank holiday (in the UK), grab a cup of tea and go and have a look. Bear in mind this is work in progress so pop back from time to time.
 Oh yes, there is a fourth box - the one on the right - that is empty at present, but with the scottie dogs on it and being only £3.00 I could not resist.  It may not be empty for long!

This weekend we've had Alex and Mary and their girls come to stay so it been a bit busy.  We visited Monkey World near Wareham on Saturday and I'll follow up with photos soon.

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