30 May 2011

More Isle of Wight Photos

Sunday last weekend while on the Isle of Wight David and I visited the steam railway there and it also featured a classic car rally.  Another lovely though windy day a nice drive through the island countryside to get to Haven Street, between Newport and Ryde.

Here's the steam engine Colbourne, named after a village on the island

The local falconry society was there with the birds they care for

Photo taken with me holding an owl.
We think that they were not so prepared for the number of people going on the railway as a result of the rally and the one train they had running was always full.  We took one return journey from Haven Street to Smallbrook Junction where it joins the main line.

Here are some of the cars that I saw at the rally
Not sure what this lorry is but it was in pristine condition

A campervan with red metallic paintwork

A Rolls Royce, there's class

An E-Type Jaguar

Not really a classic, but I think the owner likes Winnie the Pooh's Piglet

More flash Smart cars

Looks as though this camper van is ready for a journey

The Ford group with their cars - I remember my Dad had a Ford Anglia in that shade of blue

Someone with excellent taste - a Morris Minor with a quilt draped over the back seat with some cushions
Before leaving the railway, we had a chance to look around the carriage workshops where they are restoring an old carriage here

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