08 May 2011

Monkey World and Stourhead

Catching up from last week's post here are some pics from Monkey World near Wareham, where I went with Alex, Mary, Sophie and Isobel when they stayed last weekend. It has been a long time since I visited there (Alex was just a youngster then) and a lot has changed of course.  It is difficult to take photos of the monkeys are they are in enclosures behind wire fences or else taken through a viewing window so there are reflections, but here's a few of the best... (and thank you to Sandra for correcting the mistaken identities of the monkeys!)
A Siamang Gibbon

Squirrel Monkey (just turned his head when I took the photo)

A cheeky little monkey!

Some Macaques

and one of the Orang Utangs
After a difficult week workwise for David and me Today we went out to Stourhead, in Wiltshire not far from Longleat, a National Trust property, with not only a large house, but also vast gardens with large lakes and temples around the main lake. It is unusual that a road runs through the estate which also houses a pub and church. It was only just over an hour's drive through the Dorset countryside to get there and a lovely walk around when we got there.
House taken with some rhododendrons to the left

This fantastic window was in the library

Tbis was the Pope's cabinet = with inlays of coloured stone

Just some of the many pelargoniums in the greenhouse, which once boasted the largest collection

They are just some of the views,  I have a few (at present) on my flickr site. It was a great day out and a chance for relaxation.

I have not totally neglected any sewing and I had a go at making a pencil case from the current Popular Patchwork magazine bag special.  Here's my effort below:

And this is a little Japanese snap bag that I bought a while ago from the Quilt Museum 
Oh well, back to the fray tomorrow.


  1. Lovely photos, I especially loved the monkey world ones, we took the girls a couple of times years ago, once as we had a scout family camp nearby, and once when we had a weekend at lulworth cove. Lovely part of the world, thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  2. Just wanted to correct a couple of the tags on your Monkey World photos. The first photo is a Siamang Gibbon. And the second one is a squirrel monkey. Nice photos though :)

  3. I do apologise, I am really rubbish with identifying the monkeys and there was a gap between taking the photo's (when I knew what they were) and uploading them. But they were great and the granddaughters were fascinated by them, which was the reason for going there!

    Sorry I couldn't reply by e-mail Sandra


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