29 August 2011

At last, some sewing to report

It's been a little while since I posted about any sewing. So having spent the Bank holiday today in my room I have some sewing to report.

Last Sunday I made a postcard for one of the birthday swappers in the BQLPC group.  It is a pot luck card and for this I decided to do some ribbon weaving as I have a growing collection of ribbons at present.  I have a card of ribbons called "Inspired by Chocolate" some lovely soft coloured ribbons to which I added some more to contrast with these.  It'll be her birthday on the 4th so it's go out in the post tomorrow with time to spare.


Today I've been working on some postcards for a swap coming up later next month for the 23rd.  The theme for this is leaves, and there were 2 groups for this, but the second group didn't have many swappers in it, so the first group has been reduced so there are 5 in each group (so only 4 postcards to send out).  I worked on this in one large piece to make 6 - more about that later.

So my inspiration here came from the latest Fabrication magazine, which had a project by Gail Lawther on her artistic there in this case "Inspired by Monet".  Her quilt is 24" square, but of course I have to make 6" x 4" cards  so had to reduce the scale and work a bit differently.

I started of with a 12.5" square of wadding with Bondaweb, to which I attached one inch strips of fabric overlapping the pieces slightly and ironing on when complete.  I then quilted with wiggly lines in variegated and metallic thread to give the piece some texture. I then cut the square in to 6 pieces

I made the leaf shape smaller and cut out Bondweb backed green fabrics for the leaves and ironed them on.  I then sewed around the leaves in green thread.  Finishing off with attaching the pelmet Vilene and backing. All done!

 Earlier I mentioned that I made 6 cards, but I only need 4.  One of the spares will go into another swap, but then means I have one spare left.  So, never having tried this before I will give this one away, yes, a giveaway!  So leave me a comment in the next few days and I will draw this on Friday evening.


  1. Oh Sue, what a lovely card! I didn't join the swap as I was uninspired by the title, but you obviously were inspired! I'd be *very* happy to get one of those :-)

  2. Anonymous8:00 am

    i find working small makes me all fingers and thumbs. Your 'postards' are delightful.

  3. Hello Benta and "Anon" (2e6992bc..) I'll send you a postcard each. Please could "Anon" please contact me. Just go onto my profile and click e-mail. Thank you. Sue


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