07 August 2011

Should Have Read My Last Post First

I didn't post photos of Pendennis Castle which I promised in my previous post so I left them out of the post I've just done.  Anyway, indulge me just once more with Cornwall pics (you can tell I really enjoyed this holiday).

A gorgeous sun filled day was spent at Falmouth at Pendennis Castle which was a strategic point as the mouth of the River, matched by a castle on the opposite side of the river at St Mawes.  Built at the time of Henry VIII it was built as defence against the approach of the Spanish Armada as it sailed towards England.  It had since been of strategic importance over the years.  There were buildings from the turn of the last century and the castle was in use up the end of the Second World War.

So here are these pics

The gatehouse to the Castle, there is a moat around the castle grounds

The Castle itself

Looking across the Fal estuary, on the land opposite the white dot is St Mawes Castle

David at the gun tower built for the Second World War
From the Castle there is Pendennis Point, where there is a Coastguard station and ruins
Just look at that view, could almost be Meditteranean
 Well that's the last of the Cornwall pics - I'd really like to back there again.

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