07 August 2011

Holiday Photos Part 3

This is the last of my Cornwall pics at present.  I got up to our stay at Truro Thursday week before last and returning home on the Friday.  We headed up to Lanhydrock near Bodmin, and a lunchtime stop before heading towards Exeter.  Lanhydrock is another National Trust property, with a large house and magnificent gardens.  We didn't have much time for the house (as they advised plenty of time for this) but we did have a wander around the gardens one of which was a rose garden surrounded by clipped yew trees which was really fragrant.

We were fortified by some lunch and local ice cream for our journey back home, via a stop in Exeter, which for a city centre Friday afternoon was really busy, but out of the traffic and heading back on the A35 was a lot quiter.

So after that it was starting my new job on Monday and receiving and making postcards.  From the Oriental Images card (I sent mine out before the holiday) I found these when I got back,
Carole's Willow pattern machine embroidery and Alice's Bonsai tree, then one from Lis during the week
Oops, sorry, it's shown sideways, I'd forgotten to rotate it in i-photo.  As you can see it's a kimono and rather cleverly it detaches from the card and it has a pin bar on the back which makes it a brooch.

Meanwhile I had to make a birthday postcard for Jan who requested "Dragons, bats or Pot Luck" and I had just the thing for a dragon after not being happy with the drawings that I made.  I photo from last month when we went to Legoland, where there were two giant Lego dragons and I used the photo of the blue one to make my card.  I've emphasised the dragon by quilting around his shape.
I hope she likes it.

Another thing to sort out is an enormous pile of magazines from last year.  I admit that I am a maggie-holic. I shouldn't buy them but thinking "I could make that..." urges me to buy.  Now that I don't work in a town centre I hope that I should not be tempted by more, I used to go into Smith's almost everyday. I reckon that I have one by subscription and buy two more at least each month and these  magazines aren't cheap nowadays.  Still have a sort out and see what I can get rid of - they take up far too much room.

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