03 August 2011

More Holiday Photos

I am writing this post on my first day off in my new job.  I now work 4 days a week, so I have every Wednesday off, so up early I thought I would post more of our Cornwall photos.  Last Wednesday was a St Ives day - brilliantly sunny day and after a walk along the harbourside, went to the Island, a spit of land that houses a coastguard station and a chapel at the top of the hill.  The chapel has been on the island for a long time and after several different uses it is now a working chapel with services every Thursday morning.  Being away from the growing crowds on the nearby beach the island was really peaceful.
David on the island

& Me

The chapel on the top of the island

Look what a lovely colour the see is - a gorgeous green

Looking up at the chapel from a low footpath around the island
 After this we went along the beach (getting busier by the minute - people making the most of the sunshine) and made our way to the Tate.  Not so sure about the modern works of art but we did like the architecture of the building and the big round glazed entrance reflecting the beach and the sea had to be photographed.  And the balloons, they were a piece of art by Martin Creed called "Half the air in a given space", (which you can see here) into which groups of people could play in like a large size ball pit.

Looking to the entrance to the Tate St Ives with the reflection of the beach to the left

My name is somewhere there!

In one of the rooms was "Measuring the Universe" by Roman Ondak and people are invited to stand against the wall and have their name and date written on the wall.  Had to do that, but my name disappeared behind others of a similar height it doesn't show at all, so in the photo below it's somewhere there.
Looking out of a viewing gallery looking towards the island, the beach is really busy now
After taking things easy on Wednesday afternoon. we had to pack our bags on Thursday and trundle off towards Truro.  There was a mix up in our booking so we were at the guest house until Thursday not Friday and the Thursday night was fully booked, but it gave us the opportunity to go and visit other places.

So Thursday morning we visited Trengwainton Garden, a National Trust garden, though the house there is privately owned.  It had a great collection of tree ferns, and also a large kitchen garden with sections divided by sloping flower beds.  Its always calming walking around gardens and this was no exception. On our way there we stopped to take in the view of St Michael's Mount.

Those tree ferns are spectacular

I could not resist

Taking lots of photos
View of St Michaels Mount through the wild flowers

The cottage in the vegetable garden

Sunflowers and asters


From Trengwainton in the morning to Pendennis Castle near Falmouth in the afternoon, just a short distance from Truro, but I'll show more photo's of that in my next post.

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  1. Some lovely photos of a lovely area, thank you.

    I hope the new job's going well.


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