16 February 2012

Fabric Painting

This year in the BQL Postcard group there have been monthly technique challenges which I have joined in with.  The first one is fabric painting.  I do enjoy playing with paints and on Saturday made a start on my fabric and see which I could use to make postcards.  I had already used blue, turquoise and yellow to make a smudgy bluey-greeny background and when dry I then sponged over purple paint through a checkerboard stencil. It's actually called a mask and used with cardmaking.  Here's the result of this piece of fabric.
The next day I used a large stamp to stamp a fleur de lys over the fabric.  I did approximate where the stamps went so when I came to make up the postcards they weren't centred.  I started with gold paint but it didn't show that well so I went over them with some black which showed up a lot better.  By the time I got to later stamps I ran out of the gold on my makeshift palette (top of washed margarine tub) so they were black with gold specks.  They have a sort of medieval style about them, I liked the look of this and might have another go.
 And below are the completed postcards and a close up of one of them.

Want to see the backs?  Here we are
The top left one is another fabric painted piece from a while ago, the top right is shaving foam printing, the middle ones are shibori dyed from a workshop (again quite a while ago) and the bottom two are hand dyed fabrics (not mine though).  

So my other piece of fabric is this and I took photos as I worked. I used three colours here red, yellow and purple onto a damp piece of white cotton.
 Splodged over the yellow
 then the other two colours
 scrunched up the fabric and rubbed it between my hands to merge the paint.  I didn't make the fabric quite damp enough so the paint did not merge as well as the blue one. 
 After drying (with a hair dryer) I then used a couple of stencils - the floral one above in bronze
and a brick one through some fruit bag netting (the type that comes from Sainsbury's apples in red. 

Here is the fabric completed.  This will get used but not sure with what yet.

Lastly, I've received some from the group in the past few days
These were from Jacquie (at the top) and Janet (bottom) and Alice (right) all using different methods of painting fabric.  A very interesting challenge.

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