18 February 2012

Friday Night Sew In - Saturday Catch Up

I have been out today to a 3 Corner Workshop day organised by Jean, so this is the earliest I could post what I did last night.

I used the Friday night to sew my cardigan together.  This was started about a year ago with some yarn that I bought in Whitby in January last year.  I have posted about its progress before, but I finished the knitting during the Christmas holidays and so using this time to get it all done.  Here's the result
A little disappointed after all the work that the yarn curls dreadfully and  the panel on the left I have pinned to make it lie flat and the curl is shown on the panel on the right.  I shall try blocking the cardigan and see if that will make a difference.

Here is the results of today's workshop day.  There are 3 mini workshops to make small items and the tutors that Jean chooses are different each year so there is always something inspirational to come away with.  I made a little quilted book (though still have hearts on the back and inside to do - that shouldn't take long), a couple of different types of Dorset button (the left one is the traditional Cartwheel and the right is a Bird's Eye) and fabric card with folded insert.
 And David has not been idle while I was out.  He's made a start on decorating my room and has given me some extra storage in the inbuilt wardrobe.  I so need this.

 Have a good weekend

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  1. glad you had a good time...mm wonder what will be in the cupboard?


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