03 February 2012

It's been a while...

...since I last posted.  I've not been idle though and I have a few photos to share.  First of all at the end of January were 2 postcards to be posted to people in the postcard Birthday swap.  The first one is to Janet on 26th, who, third year running has requested a pink postcard and here is my effort for this year.

A design that I go back to from time to time of fabric weaving with the addition of ribbon, a button and a lace daisy.  The second one for Lesley, whose birthday on 28th, shares the same day as my daughter Sarah, requested windows.  I found the inspiration in this picture square in attic window setting here.
I had made both the cards and the one earlier this month during my Christmas break.

During the month of January Kandy at BQL (British Quilt List) issued a new (non swap) challenge this year called Patchwork with a Purpose and I had already started on a sewing machine cover well before the end of last year.  I have decorated with appliques, buttons and other bits so here is my cover on 31 January
Almost done, just binding to be added.  After it was added on 1st Feb it now looks like this.

An orphan quarter triangle square, a zip, name badge, little scissors from a travel sewing kit, a square from a fabric with quilters sayings are included.

This side has a pocket made with two cat prints, another quilters saying block, japanese style flowers with button middles, woven ribbons and tape with tape measure markings are included in this side.  I was pleased with this bit of art work and there is space to add more if I want to on the gusset section up the sides and across the top of the cover.

In an earlier post I mentioned about going to an embellisher course at the end of February and having seen an article in Stitch magazine to make a case (like the size of a spectacle case) with felted fibres, my friend Brenda and myself decided to have a go and here is my effort

The flowers and leaves will be outlined by machine quilting, so this is just at the embellished stage only.  I'm pleased that I have managed to get this much done for January.

February will bring more swaps as I take part in a Fabric Painting swap in the postcard group (6 postcards), another birthday postcard to make, an embellished postcard. There will be another Dresden Plate block and also knitting needle holder or rotary cutter case to make for patchwork with a purpose (should I have time to make it!).  During this month there'll also be a workshop day with 3 mini workshops in Parkstone organised by Jean as well as the course at the end of the month.  Phew, I'm glad there's an extra day this month, I think I need it!


  1. You have indeed been busy. I like your embellished case and the sewing machine cover. I really should make a cover for my machine. Can you point me at a pattern by any chance? Actually, I bet there's a pattern in Popular Patchwork, I must plough through my copies before I pass them on.

  2. Oh the machine cover is fab, such a lot of detail, well done!

  3. Gosh, you have been busy. I love your machine cover - sew creative!

  4. Busy busy. I like the machine cover, so creative with all those individual elements. I've never used an embellisher, I think I ought to!


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