08 February 2012

Losing It - still

Last May I wrote about losing weight when I gained my certificate for the first stone lost. This week marks a year of losing weight.  I have been going to the Rosemary Conley class run by Sandie in Moordown at Epiphany School and before that, the class in Winton, Bournemouth for the past year.  I started off at 12 stone, 12.5 lbs (that's 185lbs, or 81.87 kilos) and getting too big for size 16 clothes and what pushed me to get going with this was that I didn't want to go into size 18.  So after moving back down South I decided I needed a push - it was all very well getting the magazines promising lose half a stone in a week and all that and not following up.  It has had it's ups and downs but after this year I have lost nearly 2.5 stones and weigh 10 stone 7.5 pounds (147.5lbs or 66.9 kilos).

This is what 12st 12.5 looked like, take just before our move back in January last year.  This photo was taken by David at Robin Hood's Bay on our final Yorkshire fling...
Just look at that fat face (and everything else!).

The photo below was about May last year, (photographing my mirrored image) when I was seeing what fitted and what didn't.  The weight was coming off quite well, though this time I actually fitted into size 16 clothes.
By the end of the summer I threw out the beige linen trousers - they just kept falling down!

This is how I am now, as David took a photo of me in my size 14 dress.  As you can see looking a lot thinner but still "work in progress".  I am not sure at this point what my target will be but I figure it would be about 9.5 stones (133 lbs, 60 kilos) so just over a stone to lose.

This spring and summer should see me with a whole new wardrobe as I guess what I wore last year may just be too big now!

As part of the pack with the diet instructions comes a Magic Measure with holes in inch increments.  There are markers some of which stay in place and some are movable, so one can measure progress in measurements.  Sometimes the loss may not be weight but in measurements and here are mine.

Bust was 44" now 40", waist was 41" now 35", hips were 44" now 39".  I was wondering my my trouser legs are baggy and that's because my thighs were 23" and now 20.5".  My upper arms have also reduced in size from 17" to just over 12". 

So although I've not been the fastest loser in the world it has been steady and I enjoy going to class not only the friendliness of the class, you always get chatting to someone even if you don't know them and I especially enjoy the exercise as I feel a lot fitter too.


  1. Oh wow, Sue, well done! The gradual loss presumably testifies to a healthier lifestyle, which is great. I just have no will power!

  2. Congratulations Sue on doing so well! Slow but steady is always the best way. I've got the middle age spread and need to tone up more than anything so DH and I are going to start a swimming regime after he retires next week as it's something we both enjoy. Keep up the good work! x


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