25 February 2012

Postcards and Daffodils

Last Sunday David and I went to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth, an outlet centre and where the Spinnaker Tower is situated.  A lovely if cold day out we enjoyed views of the harbour from the coffee shop at the bottom of the tower and these are the sights from my mobile and camera
Enjoying a coffee
Watching an Isle of Wight fastcat

Looking up at the Spinnaker Tower

A figurehead and a dockyard crane of the other side of the dock
 Those blue skies could be somewhere exotic, but who would believe it was in Portsmouth on a Sunday lunchtime!

On the postcard theme I received 2 more fabric painted postcards.

The black with blue metallic paint feathers is from Alice and the yelow/blue/red one is from Janet.

I also made a birthday postcard for Barbara in Harrogate, who requested flowers.  I had intended making some hexagon folded flowers (like I made for my sewing machine cover recently) but someone else beat me to it.  I then made some hydrangea flowers by fusing two pieces of fabric together and cutting small squares to fold into the centre and hold in place with cross stitches and beads.
Daffodils?  Well I've signs of spring and its lovely to see daffodils making an appearance when out and about.  When doing the midweek shop I saw that Tesco had bunches of daffodils for sale for just £1and I could not resist I had to have them.  Friends on my facebook page will have seen the progress from bud to flowers in just day.  So here they are

 Day one, bought home earlier that day and put into water they are raring to go!
 Day two all the buds are opening out
Day three (today) they are really going great guns! These daffodils are really magical!

This week will see me going with my friend Brenda to the Kingcombe Centre, a residential centre run by Dorset Wildlife Trust where we are part of the West Country Embroiderers doing a course with embellishing machines tutored by Sandra Coleridge.  Hopefully have lots of lovely things to show from that.  While I am away my room is being decorated.  This afternoon we (mostly) emptied it out in readiness for redecoration and I took a photo just this evening.

What a lot of space, didn't seem like it before with all my clutter.  You don't want to see the spare room right now.  It's a good job that no-one is staying with us at present - lol!


  1. Isn't the view from the spinnaker tower great. Mum lives quite near so we go a couple of times a year. How exciting to get t he room decorated!

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip, love the look of the spinnaker.

  3. stopping over from Lily's Quilts Small blog meet! This looks like a beautiful place, I'd like to be able to visit there!


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