15 April 2012

Back from Holiday

We returned from our family holiday in Cornwall yesterday, all of us heading in different directions. My eldest son, Alex and his family to West Sussex; Jamie, the youngest with his family to Southampton and David and I back to Dorset via Bristol to return Sarah to her home.  Sarah is a nurse and she had to work night shift last night!  I'll be updating the blog over the next few days with some holiday pics, but meanwhile I have some sewing stuff to catch up with here.

Before I the holiday I took part in the curved piecing challenge and showed my photos here.  Here are the cards that I've received last month in return.

They are from (the top, clockwise) Alice, Jan, Janet and Annette.  There should have been a 5th one, but I haven't received it - it may be in the postal system somewhere.

I also sent a birthday postcard to Chris, whose birthday was on the 10th April, and she requested Animals, so there are a few here

There's a turtle who seemed to be beheaded at the top, so I put another, with a head, on the back!

I'd also forgotten that I signed up to make an embellished bookmark until received this one from Eileen

And below is one that I made and sent for Jenny
A mix of blended roving on a cream felt base with fancy yarn on top.  I embroidered with variegated yarn before attaching to a pelmet Vilene back.

Now we are home it is a lovely clear day, although a bit cold, such a contrast to the cloudy (will it, won't rain) days.  Oh well, back to normality catching up with washing and shopping before returning to work tomorrow.

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  1. holidays are great... and make you appreciate coming home and getting into the "normal" routine x


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