01 April 2012

Wednesday Walk

Enjoying some of the nice warm weather here (which is set to get colder towards the Easter holidays) on Wednesday, I decided to go somewhere different. Couldn't go far with the current panic for petrol and the level in my car going down and not wanting to refill it while the mania was still going on.  I went to Wareham, about 12 miles away and enjoyed the wall walk that surrounds this small town.  It was a Saxon wall which no longer exists but the mound around the town still survives and it goes from the River Frome (which goes into Poole Harbour) around and rejoins the river further up stream. There is more information about it here. 

I started my walk by going through the town to St Martin's church on the wall and going past the church and some houses to the walk.  There wasn't a great deal to see other than the traffic on the by pass, but it was quiet with the sound of birds and seeing the occasional dog walker.   I made my way on the east side down to the river and crossing the road bridge went to the meadow walk to the south of the river here
 Above was the view from the north side, the row of trees looks like it could be in the French countryside.  I liked the reflection on the river.
 This was from the south looking towards the Old Granary, St Mary's church and the hotel on the other bank
 I found some paving stones with pictures on.  The above is of clay pipes as many were made in the area and the nearby Blue Pool was a clay pit.
 Another had corn
 This one had wine. 
 There's the trees again, that sky is so blue
I continued my walk to the west and this view was just turning north.  I said there wasn't a lot to see on this side.  The river below is the River Piddle (yes, that really is the river's name) and some horses in the meadow below.

The walk only took an hour and I had a nice amble around the town too. I'm glad I took advantage of the nice day.

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  1. Hasn't the weather been great, do you think this is our summer???


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