20 April 2012

More Cornwall Photos

I thought I would show some more photos from the many that David and I took on our family holiday last week.  Apart from the rainy Bank Holiday in my posting before last we had a mixed bag of weather, but mostly managed to dodge showers.  As we were staying close to the Eden Project we had to visit there.  Some of us had been before, some hadn't and the small children really enjoyed it.

 The familiar Biomes
And in front was an exhibition tent showing "Freaky Nature" with a daffodil entrance on the front.

Loads more daffodils outside
A palm tree inside the tropical Biome
My grandson, Leo, really liked the waterfall and was getting wet from the spray.

Some lovely plants in the Mediterranean Biome

Some outdoor sculptures

Lots more flowers, rows of tulips this time
Sophie took some photos - here's one with Sarah (in black) Isobel and me
A few more flowers as we leave.

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