23 April 2012

Friday Night, Saturday and Postcards

I had meant to update about the Friday Night Sew In on Saturday, but as I hadn't officially joined in I had, I'm afraid let it slip.  What I did do on Friday night was to have a sort out of my scrap box as it had become difficult to close the drawer in the unit and I'd also sorted out some work to take for a sewing day with friends on Saturday.

The scrap box was sorted out into shapes and strips.  The strips may become flip and sew blocks, but I'll sort out some yardage for backing for that sometime, but for now the box is nice and tidy and I can now shut it in the drawer unit.  The pop up bin is for smaller scraps and that will go to my friend Penny who takes them to a local playgroup.

Last week I finished off a set of shaped postcards and waited a couple of days before posting to show the quilt group.  I decided to make birdie shapes from leftover strips from the  hexagon block shown here. 

And found the freebie rubber stamp from a recent magazine to stamp birdies on the back.

I've had some in return already and they're all different.

 From the top Pauline's house, Chris's dog and bone, Jan's fish and Janet's gingerbread man

 And this was pretty ingenious (although I had rotated the right way has decided on a sideways orientation).  This was from Jacquie who first sent a jigsaw pieced postcard.  If you turn your head you will see that I was sent the bottom left side of the whole picture the in a postcard she sent later.

On Thursday at the quilt group I demonstrated how to make a biscornu pincushion which was sewn all round and I finished this off on Saturday evening, after stuffing with scrap wadding, sewing the gap in the seam and finishing of with buttons on both sides in the middle of the cushion. I made a small one several years ago, so I can't remember where I saw it, but there have been needlepoint versions in Stitch magazine.

And lastly on Saturday I made some progress on a Jelly Roll quilt that I am making.  I can't show this at present, though what I can say is that I started it before the holiday and had my blocks in order and after my holiday I had to try to suss out what I put together, so Friday evening was spent getting the blocks in the order of work and bagged up.  All was contained in my large workbag with my workshop sewing machine ready to go.  I had a successful day on Saturday putting the blocks together and it's looking good.


  1. Love all the different shaped postcards! They are lovely. Your birds are lot of fun to look at, love the tails!


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