08 April 2013

Sewing Sunday

Just one photo to show what I got up to over the weekend. This month's themed postcard swap that I signed up to is called 'doodling'. I chose to doodle with the sewing machine, I forgot the first rule of quilting that quilting 'shrinks' the fabric and cut the piece I was making to just 12.5 inches square - should have made another inch bigger. Just had to make smaller postcards from this one large piece.

I started of by using a twin needle to make the sections and discovered that not only could I sew straight stitch and zigzag but also a few fancy stitches too like the herringbone one in the bottom row of stitching. I then did some free machining mainly in straight stitch for most of the patterns and used free zigzag stitch for a couple of the sections (like the top right). I then cut the whole thing into 6 postcards.

I took the photo above with my phone, but later photos were with my camera, so can't show those until later.

That done, other makes for April will include a bag to be done for a challenge in a couple of weeks time and to make a start on my 'Coast' challenge.

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  1. Well, your background fabric is one of my favorite!
    That is interesting about the twin needles, maybe I'll give that a try.


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