21 April 2013

Tripping again

Yesterday I spent the day with a group of ladies from Happy Patchers in Wimborne for a sewing Saturday.  We had a challenge to make a work bag for the occasion and there were a lovely selection of bags

First was the one in the photo just above, with pockets and the pattern inside. The second was the little black Japanese patchwork bag in the top picture and the green. red and yellow strippy one on the right side of the top photo came third.  And mine?  That's blue one in the bottom photo, next to the stripey one.

Grace showed  us how to make a Post It holder, although it was made from card and paper, rather than fabric.  It kept us quiet making them!  Here they are displayed on the window ledge

And we also managed a bit of sewing too, all working on our own projects.  I took my Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks and so managed to make 2 completed and 2 more blocks in strips waiting to re-cut.  I'll share more photos when I upload the camera, all the above were taken with my phone.

 This is my magnolia called Stellata, the flowers only last a short time but we're surprised that there's so many flowers on this
And since Spring has decided to arrive the perennial wallflower has just burst into bloom, literally.  Just love those purpley/orangey flowers.

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