17 July 2013

Been Too Busy to Blog

I have been doing things and going places, but my attention at the moment is taken with this
A new (to me) machine.  It's a Pfaff Creative 2, a sewing and embroidery machine.  The embroidery bit is new territory for me.
I haven't tackled this lot on my own yet, that is still to come.  I spent this afternoon getting to know the stitches and the feel of the machine.  It was too hot (shouldn't complain) to go outside and practiced on the dining room table because it was too hot in my room and my Janome is still in the Horn cabinet.
 Some of it on calico with stabiliser backing, look I even programmed my name on the machine

I liked the variety of quilting stitches too. A lot bigger variety than I've had before

I bought the machine second hand from Pauline who advertised it on BQL Swap site a couple of weeks ago and last weekend, when David and I went to Peterborough (to see trains), we visited her in Nottinghamshire, where she very kindly demonstrated the machine and embroidery unit and supplied a lovely lunch.  And gave me a gorgeous little square bag for the bits and pieces
Its really lovely!

Next task is to get to grips with software and using the embroidery unit.  It has a little USB stick with some designs but a lot of it is Windows orientated and we have Macs,  but David is working on it....

But so far I'm really liking this sewing machine, I think we'll get on well.

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