26 July 2013

Quilt at the Museum

A few months back I made a quilt for a regional Quilters' Guild challenge called "Coast" .  I have just found out today that it will be making an appearance at Topsham Museum Exeter, from tomorrow until 1st September, so I hope we can manage a trip there to see it, along with 19 other quilts

I was sent a copy of the poster, unfortunately it's a pdf file, which Blogger doesn't like.  Managed to copy to a Word doc, but Blogger wasn't too keen on that either.

Here's the link to the Museum, which is also holding an exhibition about Vivien Leigh too, so a bit of an eclectic mix.

And here's my quilt

Have a good weekend

 An edit to this post

Thanks to Benta I have now been able to upload a jpeg file of the poster


  1. That's a gorgeous landscape Sue, how exciting that it will be exhibited!

    To use a PDF in the blog ... (there may be other ways)
    This way needs a pc or laptop, not phone or iPad

    Open the PDF, print screen ( has its own button or maybe ctrl+ E) then open paint, paste (ctrl +v). Move the item in paint until you can see it all, then use the select option to select (outline) the view of the PDF. Now go to file => new (don't save) and paste again. Now you should just see the PDF, go to file => save as and save it where you save your photos for blogs, choose jpeg as your file type, (under file name)

  2. What an honour. Congratulations.


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