09 July 2013

Ribbon and Lace Postcards

Remember the swap that I took part in June?  I made these postcards in what seemed like ages ago, here they are again

All but one, the bottom one, were sent out.  That one may become one of the birthday swap cards.

And these are what I received by the end of last month

From (the top, clockwise) Alice, Pauline and Jacquie.  All such gorgeous cards.

My tickets came for the Festival of Quilts last week.  Wasn't too sure I could make it due to circumstances and didn't want to miss as I didn't go last year but now I can

  So, tickets ready, hotel booked for a couple of nights and I'm going!!! YAY!!
I also had a couple of workshops booked too (to break the days up).  Only just over 3 weeks away.

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  1. gosh, is that all? i thought it was linger than that, how exciting! i think im there Thursday and Friday too, ill look out for you xx


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