27 October 2015

Baltimore Album Block 2 - Oak Reel

Very appropriate as it's Autumn and suddenly the leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees.  There have been some spectacular sights of the colour changing trees, but all too quickly the leaves will be gone.

So here's my second block, the Oak Reel from Mimi Dietrich's book Baltimore Basics.  

It wasn't easy to do the little curves in the leaves, but with some clipping of the curves and using temporary glue pen to shape the appliqués they managed to keep their shape.  More little berries, 16 of them this time, which were easy to lose until attached.

The batik fabric I bought from Doughty's some time ago, seems to give the impression of a wet Autumn day, makes a nice backdrop to this block

Next block will be Pineapples, which will involve applique from the reverse of the background fabric. See how that goes.

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