26 October 2015

Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler 3

I've still not tackled more foundation piecing so these two blocks are worked out by measuring, rotary cutting and machine piecing.  I will have to get a handle on the more complicated blocks, but given my time constraints at present to get two more blocks completed is an achievement.

So here they are

The top (pink) one is (no. 79) Patience, I have to admit a bit of cheating with the patterned pieces, cut 2 squares and 2 rectangles instead of of 6 squares, but don't tell anyone ;o).

The bottom block is (no. 94) Susannah, a block which I am very familiar with, having made this a few times, seeing as the name of it is as close to Suzan as I'm going to get!  I like purple too, so this had to be a block with purples in (or shades thereof). Again rotary cut and machine pieced.

Do you like the board that I've displayed these on?  I found on You Tube a tutorial on making a mini design board by Lori Holt on the Fat Quarter Shop here

I didn't have the foam core board that she uses, but I did have the middle of a fabric bolt which was made of corrugated card.  As it was a long rectangle I cut in half and joined the two halves side by side and taped together well, although it does bend slightly in the middle because of the join.  I used a glue gun to attach the wadding (batting) to the board.

I used 2 strips of fabric to make the binding and had some of the strip left over so that made a hanging look to put neatly away when not in use (that's the theory, anyway). The binding strip was glued again using the glue gun around the side, top and bottom of the board, the loop was also glued on.  Using this to keep the pieces together will be handy in putting more of the Farmer's Wife blocks together. especially when the pieces become very small.

Here is another picture of the board with another block, Sarah, which I shared on another post.

Being as the days are shorter, there probably be more shadowy pictures, I try not to get too much of i-Phone, i-Pad or camera in the pics, but sometimes it's just impossible.

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