11 October 2015

Farmers Wife 1930's Sampler, no. 2

It should be 'An Addie Disaster'!  When I first got the book I wanted to try the first block, Addie.  The pieces looked simple enough so I machine pieced this and although careful with my piecing it puckered when put together. That was disaster no. 1, which is the top yellow,green and red block.
Disaster no. 2, the bottom block. The flying geese in this are heading in the wrong direction. Although the blocks look good and I foundation pieced the block it is totally wrong and I only noticed that when ironing the block this morning. Oh well, may be third time lucky.....

However I made this block on Wednesday called Becky (no. 12), which could be rotary cut and pieced.  Nice and simple, small progress has been made.

Yesterday morning I came across a YouTube video by Fat Quarter Shop of a mini design board demonstrated by Lori Holt, of Farmhouse Vintage fame.  I think one of these could be really useful in keeping small pieces together while constructing so I may make one of these.  Another handy thing I've found which I hope will help with making the Farmers Wife blocks was an A4 pad of 50gsm Layout paper, which is considerably thinner than normal computer paper but goes through our printer quite well and will reduce the bulk in paper foundation pieced blocks.

Which just goes to show, no matter how experienced you are, there is always something new to learn!

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