18 October 2015

In Other News This Week…..

Last Saturday saw the Dorset Quilters' Day at the Hamworthy Club in Canford Magna near Wimborne with two speakers Gwyneth Rose and Claire Passmore, both art quilters with different routes to their craft.  Gwyneth grew up in Hertfordshire who didn't achieve high enough grades to enable her to become a teacher and later became a mature student to realise that career later in life. She found English Paper Pieced hexagons in the 1970's when a teenager, then learnt more about quilting which lead her to being an unqualified teacher and the university courses to get to her goal of being qualified.  She started experimenting with rust on fabric and her work is influenced by industrial scenery.  She doesn't have a website but has a page with gallery pictures on the Quilters' Guild website here.

Claire Passmore, the second speaker, learned how to quilt when she relocated from the UK to South Africa for a number of years.  She now spends her time between the UK and New Zealand and teaches in both countries.  Again she learned traditional quilt making before exploring art quilting.  She taught a workshop last Sunday, which I didn't attend (unusual for me) but her quilts were really varied. I took a photo of a couple of them here and she has also has a website.  She has a blog, where she has written about the Sunday workshop.

Sunday was busy washing out fabrics from the past few weeks (from Pauline's Patchworks where a did a workshop 3 weeks ago, last Monday evening's speaker evening and Saturday's quilting day).

I also won one of the raffle prizes. an Advent calendar panel, which I made up last Sunday afternoon

And on Wednesday I looked for a large piece of Christmas fabric to go on the back.  I didn't have any, so I made the back from several pieces of fabric

I'll finish off this afternoon.  It may go to one set of grandchildren, depending who'd like it.

Progress this week on the Baltimore Album block

Seven berries stitched, nine more to go. Coming along well.

We had a delivery from Ikea yesterday of some shelf units to go in my room.  One had been made up but now debating whether the Billy bookcase we ordered will fit in too.  Might mean a bit of juggling around. More about that later.


  1. Lovely quilts, thanks for sharing

  2. Listening to those speakers must have been fascinating.


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