09 July 2018

Finished and Gifted

A short post as its too hot to sit by the computer for too long!

It was my daughter-in-law Carly's birthday near the end of last month and my grandson Leo's birthday today so David and I caught up with them yesterday and had a barbecue following Leo's birthday party earlier in the afternoon.

Last Christmas I made my granddaughters Harry Potter themed jumpers which I blogged about here
Leo was just getting into the Harry Potter books and was disappointed not to have one too so I decided to make one for his birthday.  What else do you give someone with a summer birthday!!

Anyway he tried on this morning and was really pleased so now I can show photos

This is basically school jumpers (a Stylecraft pattern) made with Stylecraft Special DK acrylic in Claret and Gold colours.  David sent off for the Gryffindor badge, which sent me into a panic as I thought I lost the badge!  But found and sewn on as soon as it was finished and washed.

Well thats 3 HP houses done and I've said if anyone else wants a jumper it'll have to be a Huffelpuff one as I haven't made those colours yet!

Carly is very clever at making small costumes for baby photo shoots and fancy dress for the boys' school events.  I felt she could do with some decent scissors so when I saw these fancy Fiskars ones I had to buy them, along with some smaller rose-gold coloured 'stork' scissors for trimming threads.  I made a project bag from Aneela Hoey's book to keep her sewing projects tidy and also it made a good gift bag. She really liked this and also really needed good scissors so it was well received.

I like it when a plan comes together!

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