02 May 2014

Fabric Folding

Last week on our travels I bought a fat quarter bundle that was folded in such a way I daren't open them.

I took the bundle to Bourne Quilters last night together with another fat quarter which I'd also bought, but unfolded.  One of the ladies puzzled over and was determined to get it folded up and almost managed it.  Another said, look up on Google, which is what I did, lo and behold there was a tutorial here.  Easy peasy, I've now done it on this owl fabric

Googling, of course, leads to other things. Like this

A fabric samosa.  That was quite easy

Another triangle fold here, not quite so easy as you have to push one triangle into another

And this one here, which doesn't tuck into anything else, but looks pretty

Now, who else is going to go through their stash folding up fabric?  ;o))

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