15 May 2014

Wednesday Walk

David normally works from home as the company he works for is based in Yorkshire, but once a week he goes to a local office in Southampton.  He commutes by train so I give him a lift to Poole station, but before returning home I go for a long walk, usually around Poole Park.  Yesterday I varied my route and decided to walk along part of the harbour to reach the public boat slipway and back into part of the park before returning to my car.  It was a gorgeous day so took some pics with my phone

Looking towards the Purbecks in the distance, the dark green bit is Brownsea island, one of the islands in the harbour.

Looking towards Poole Quay, the big ship on the left is the Brittany Ferry which sails from Poole to Cherbourg, France. As you can see such a clear morning, this pic was taken at about 8 am.

I headed back towards Poole Park.

I like the quiet and calm first thing in the morning. This is looking from the model boating club over the the restaurant (the white building in the middle of the pic.

When I got back towards the car I saw the Barfleur set sail

Feeling blessed that I live in a lovely part of the country.

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  1. thanks for taking us with you on your walk xx lovely blue skies ... and views x


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