08 May 2014


The Quilters' Guild area day will be on Saturday and I have been making a piece for the Regional Challenge which, this year, is green. 

I've been trying to take a decent pic with the iPad but I think my phone takes better photos. I've done strip piecing with different widths of greens, recut and alternated with the dark green batik fabric.  After quilting in the ditch, I've then used the machines fancy stitches in some of the strips and free machining in the batik rows.  The back is pieced, too.

Just the label to put on and done.  I have to admit that I found this a diffcult one to deal with, but I went with using shades of green to reflect the different colours of leaves in a woodland setting.

Another bit of green I've been working on is my machine embroidered landscape.  Having missed the last session in April because of being in Portsmouth. I've a bit of catching up to do.  Here I'm using my little Janome machine to do some Granite stitch, some very dense machining, on some water soluble fabric. It's just dark green at present but I will add some other shades to merge in.  This is how it looks at the moment

So a lot of greenery around here.

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  1. I find I don't use much green or brown - school uniform for 7 and 6 years! But the green quilt is lovely! Looming forward to seeing how the embroidery comes along x


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