09 June 2014

A Local Quilt Show

Winton Piecemakers are a local quilt group that meet in Bournemouth and this last weekend had their exhibition in Kinson Methodist church, so I went along there yesterday afternoon.  The lady that runs the group, Mary, teaches techniques to the ladies in the group so they would be working on a particular pattern, but it's their colour choices for that make the quilts individual. So it's quite an interesting exhibition to see.  Sorry took a wonky pic here but what you can see are the Jelly Roll strips
Worked into blocks of squares and the 3 quilts are in bright colours, dark batiks and pastels, so look so different. The quilts were draped over the chairs not hung up as they were limited by the space in the church, hence the wonky pic trying to get as much of the quilts in as I could.

Some were hung in the windows and with the light shining behind gave a stained glass appearance to the quilts.

Some more quilts were hung from the balcony at the back of the church

This was a lovely star quilt, gorgeous colours in that.

There were several of the hexagon boxes like the one  above with some Somerset Folded Patchwork to decorate the tops.

The money raised from the exhibition is to go to Great Ormond Street Hospital and also to Hope and Homes for Children. 


  1. what a lovely show .. and group x they are very busy by the amount of work xx

  2. There's some lovely quilts, this is obviously a lively and busy group.

  3. Lovely to see them, thanks for sharing x


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