03 June 2014

Feather Cushion Has a Twin

After making one cushion I had enough of the fabric strip sets to make another, together with the paisley fabric for the back. All finished this morning

First one on the left, second on the right. Not quite as densely quilted as the first as I found I was running out of matching thread, just about made it to the end of the quilting.

Bit of a change for the back too as I joined a strip of the blue paisley to the edge of the cushion back. Adds a bit extra to a simple envelope cushion back.

Definitely a pop of colour to a beige settee and just a bit bright!


  1. A lovely bright start to my morning where the sky is grey and it is pouring with rain. Thanks Sue.

  2. They look great and will be wonderful on dull grey days like today. Hope the interview at the agency went well?


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