24 June 2014


I am having a go at scheduling my blog post so forgive me if this seems as little odd.  I'm typing this on Wednesday (18 June) and hopefully this should appear on Thursday (19 June) if it works, fingers crossed.  This will be another blogging skill in my toolbelt following the Beautify Your Blog posting by Erin at Sew at Home Mummy.

I sent out some postcards to 3 ladies in the latest BQL postcard swap on Tuesday.  Two in the UK and one to Germany.  Here's the photo

I made 5 postcards in total last month, see my post here, so I have 2 to spare!  Let me know if you want one.

I hope it works!

It didn't! But I now know where I went wrong! So hoping it will appear tomorrow morning!


  1. Well it's here now!

  2. It seems a bit hit and miss, or it is when I try! Well done! X


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