28 June 2014

All Change

I've had this wall hanging in our bedroom since we moved back to our house over 3 years ago, so time for a change.  This doesn't have a label on the back (tut,tut) but I think I made it in 2003 in a quilt group workshop called Watercolour Quilts, by a local tutor, who had a shop in Bournemouth, now long gone.

This uses little squares of a print fabric, a busy floral and towards the outside edge of the circle shape using the wrong side of the fabric to give a subtle shading into the background marble fabric.

Here's a close up to show what I mean

The squares of fabric were put onto a gridded iron on Vilene, which once happy with the arrangement and ironed on, was then sewn along the rows and columns using the grid as a guide. After the borders were attached it was then quilted. I did some free machine quilting here.

Here's the back

Look at that, more floral!  This was a piece of Laura Ashley fabric that I had a remnant of, left over from a skirt I made once. The quilting isn't that brilliant from the back, makes the quilt a bit poufy and it has hung very well in spite of that.

Time for a change and another wall hanging with another technique taught by the same teacher, but I did write on the back of this quilt so I know this was made in 2004. The fabric that I used was a collection of Flower Fairies and the techniques was a faux stained glass, which was foundation (paper) pieced.

And a close up

The star inner was made from four quarters, though I had to be careful with the placement of the fairies in the triangle pieces that made the square in the middle. After the star was made I made a border and the red stripe in between the purple fabric just gave it a bit more lift.  The cornerstones were from blocks of Flower Fairy pictures which were placed here and there in a fabric and fussy cut.  From what I remember I liked and bought a fat quarter collection a few years before and this quilt seemed to just suit this nicely.  No fancy quilting here, just plain in the ditch quilting as the fabric seemed to do all the work that anything fancy would have been lost in this. Not showing the back to this one, it's a plain medium purple.

Both the quilts are 18 inches square and they are hung with a wooden dowel rod through a sleeve. The are tie back hooks on the wall to put the dowel rod onto, so makes changing over easy.

So here it is hung in place.

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