01 June 2014

Fresh Sewing Day - June 2014

1st June and another month.  This is my second month without work and I have started seriously looking again, updated the CV, got appointment with agency tomorrow, and see how things go.

Meanwhile May has passed and look what I've done this month.

I'm getting the hang of Pixlr Express, with which I made this collage.  As you will have noticed, thanks to the recent Beautify Your Blog articles by Erin, I have made some subtle changes to the blog over the past few weeks.  Nice to be able to customise the blog a bit more.  Some things haven't been entirely successful, whether that's to do with Blogger, or maybe because I've got an Apple as opposed to Windows system, I'm not sure.  But still, it's all learning.

Anyway, I started May with making the small Green wall hanging, more about that here.  It's OK, but not one of my most inspired pieces. It'll be going around Devon and I will see it back in September.

My next make was the 3" quilt which turned into a 6" quilt, with the addition of 3 more sqaures of Japanese Folded Patchwork and I did a tutorial for that here.

Catching up on some older pieces, the cushion cover on the bottom left hand corner had been hanging around with just a part quilted top, before we moved to Yorkshire, would you believe that was 5 and a half years ago! Finished this month, Yay!  Next was a Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt, made quite a few blocks when all the rage in Blogland last year. Done and another top to do with a block to spare.

In May were some postcards (yes, I know the pic is upside down!) for a swap in June and some Biscornu pincushions in heart fabrics for the Quilters' Guild tombola at the Festival of Quilts

The latest was the Feather cushion, with another in progress.  Made from the "Love Patchwork and Quilting" instructions by Jo Avery.

With all this do I have time to work as well?  But for June I have a quilting project to do, not saying any more yet, just that for me it'll be something a bit different.  Anyway, it'll keep me out of mischief.

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  1. Love the feather cushion and everything else!

  2. Good luck with the job hunt x

  3. Very cute feather cushion!

  4. Lovely things, you have been very productive.

  5. Love your finishes. So productive. I'm off work at the moment and I haven't done half of what you've done. xxxx


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