25 June 2014

This and that

A bit of catching up on the blog from other things than sewing the Tubix quilt over the last couple of weeks.  I'm posting some photos that I took in Exeter the Saturday before last of quilts that took part in Loch Lomond's Chinese Whispers challenge in this year's show. Unfortunately I can't link this as this year's show was the last one.  In essence quilt groups were invited to the challenge and a small group from the Exe Valley Contemporary Quilters made 11 quilts and the first one was to be made from a photo (that all the groups were given). Without seeing the photo the second person was to make a quilt from the first one, then the third person made a quilt from the one the second person made, and so on. 

I think you may be able to see the thoughts behind the quilts. The first person was given a photo of the River Clyde in Glasgow with its Millenium (Wonky) Bridge from which the first quilt was made, which turned into a city at night, country at night and the tree then became landscapes, then turned to Japanese influences to garden design, to a large flower at the end. It was fascinating to hear the stories of the quilters some of whom were there and some with their descriptions read out.

While at the day in Exeter I showed some wooden block stamps in this post here. I had a bash at using them on some oddments of hand dyed fabric.

This is the first time I've used these and quite impressed by the clarity of these Colouricious stamps as they are cut quite deep.  These are just playing about samples at the moment.  They clean quite easily too with some soapy water and toothbrush.  I think there may be a few more stamps joining these two soon!

Last week a quilt that I've had for a long time got its summer wash (hand wash in the washing machine) as it's not needed on the bed with the summer weather.  I took to opportunity to take photos

This is getting old now and maybe time for a new one, but it's still wearing well.  This was from a birthday block swap that ran from 2000 to 2001 when 17 of us joined the swap so it became an Official Birthday Swap and I received mine in March 2001 and the quilt was finished in 2002 so the blocks were by other people with my theme of Dutchman's Puzzle and I joined with sashing and made the Flying Geese border.  Its still a favourite of mine.

Oh yes, this is what happens when you read a blog of someone who has a shop.  I like this blog, Angie Quilts, and she often shows what her customers make and in this particular post I was drawn to this ironing board fabric here  (see the mouse pincushion photo at the end).  I left a comment about the fabric and there was a small quantity left, just over a metre, so a quick phone call and a purchase was made! It arrived in the next day's post!

Time to tart up my little Ikea ironing board.


  1. Gosh, your fabric arrived very quickly... i sent my mum over to the post office straight away... hope you enjoy your new ironing board.


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