26 June 2014

New Ironing Board Cover

I've had a little Ikea ironing board in my sewing room for some years and having got my new fabric decided to give it a treat.  I bought some extra padding from Dunelm Mills to cut to shape.  It was then to Fabric Land where I got some bias binding and narrow piping cord.  The ironing board's mesh base had slightly bent out of shape so after knocking it back it was ready to be covered.

New felt on top of the old one.
The cover with a layer of calico underneath, and this really loud acid yellow bias binding

Looking better now.  Sorry this photo is dark I had to shut the door to take the picture.

Back on the work top in my room.  The 'cake liner' is kept handy to protect the cover and the iron when I use Bondaweb.  Looking really tidy now.

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  1. Mine *really* needs replacing too, you'd think they'd sell replacement ones! but yours is much prettier!


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